We carry out all earthworks – from excavations to foundations through large land exchanges, preparation of working platforms for piling boxes, etc.

We have an innovative 3D system for working with a dozer-based plow machine, which allows you to automatically set the blade of the machine in the right position, which greatly speeds up the implementation of the specified planes.

We have our own logistic facilities for transporting machines and the machines for earthworks that allowing us to take on number of building challenges.

Soil stabilization

We stabilize native soils or building embankments using cement or other hydraulic binders.

This process makes it possible to re-use land that would otherwise have to be replaced. It also allows you to shorten the duration of the construction process by partially becoming independent of weather conditions that may cause difficulties when conducting construction works.

We have our own stabilizer and paver for the adhesive.

External water and sewage networks

We carry out external networks of sanitary sewage, storm water drains, technological sewage systems, utility water networks and water networks for fire purposes.

We carry out evaporation, underground and groundwater drainage tanks, underground and ground storage reservoirs, sanitary sewage or rainwater pumping stations, flow regulators.

Our offer also includes all types of drainage.

We have our own brigades and our own equipment to fabricate a network of all materials: PVC, PE, steel, cast iron and stoneware.

Road works

We carry out road works in the full range from the execution of the channel through the construction of the foundation and curbs and ending with laying the surface.

We specialize in laying concrete cubes of all kinds. We have two HYDROMAG machine pavers that allow us to arrange large areas in a short time. Thanks to this, we are able to arrange up to 1000 sq m cubes per day.

We also make all types of surface watercourses, linear drainage and non-standard surfaces.

Foundation works

We make all types of foundations ranging from simple footings and foundation footings to complex box foundations. Our offer also includes execution of all types of retaining walls.

We have our own brigades and constantly cooperating subcontractors. Foundation works are carried out comprehensively from our own, as well as from entrusted materials. We have our own shuttering systems from PERI.

Crude States

We make raw shells in the following ranges:

  • bricklaying
  • making mandrels, posts or reinforced concrete wreaths
  • construction of beams and all kinds of reinforced concrete beams
  • construction of monolithic, high-ribbed, prefabricated ceilings
  • execution of staircases
  • assembly of precast concrete

General contracting

We carry out investments as a general contractor for a turnkey, development or other condition consistent with the Investor’s expectations. We offer the investor assistance in the process of obtaining a building permit and a use permit. We work with a number of designers who will adapt the project to the individual needs and requirements of the investor.